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Small Medium Enterprises

We can help small and medium companies (SMEs) with their waste management needs.  Our tailored services provide you with the solution for your business.

An industry survey conducted on over a thousand Small, Medium Sized enterprises (SMEs) found that 80% of businesses might be disposing of their hazardous waste illegally.  Do your staff know how to correctly identify and dispose of hazardous waste, do you know that electrical wiring is classed as hazardous waste, do you have separate collections for aerosols, light bulbs, batteries and oily rags?  We can help your business understand the legal requirements and provide you with advice, or even deliver training to your staff.

We appreciate that effectively managing the waste produced by your organisation can be a logistical mine field. Of course recycling waste is always the preferred option, but isn’t always possible. We work with SMEs across all business sectors including automotive, food manufacture, pharmaceutical, construction and cosmetics to offer a sustainable solution to match your needs.  We’ll offer expert advice on remediation, recycling, transportation and disposal options to drive efficiency, save costs and improve your environmental performance.

Our nationwide team of experts, combined with our internal client support executives and in house technical staff, have the industry knowledge and expertise to add value to your business.