The Adgespeed team went into the Harry Flatters Rally hoping for a better race than last year.

The Harry Flatters Rally, which runs on the Epynt ranges,  took place on 30th July 2017.  Adrian Spencer, and the Adgespeed team, started strong with a finish in the top 5 on each of the first four stages of the rally.

Driver Adrian Spencer, and co-driver Mark Hewitt, started strong in the rally.   They managed to avoid a repeat of last year’s event where a collision with a sheep caused them to retire early due to damage to the car (there was even a joke ‘sheep repellent’ sticker on their car this time!).

The Epynt ranges can be tough.  Of the 75 drivers who started the rally, only 55 completed all 5 stages.  Despite a good first four rounds, with the final section in site, they hit a rock which caused damaged to the wheel and they had to retire from the event.  It was a disappointment for the team that they didn’t finish the course, but anything can happen in rallying!

Stage 1: 12min 7 sec, 5th place (fastest time 12:07)

Stage 2: 12min 9 sec, 2nd place (fastest time 11:58)

Stage 3: 13 min 14 sec, 5th place (fastest time 12:33)

Stage 4: 12min 45 sec, 3rd place (fastest time 12:18)

Stage 5: DNF

Times as posted by Rally Roots – see full stage times.