The first bioremediating parts washers definitely had their faults, the machines struggled to remove certain types of grease and operators often reported an unpleasant odour coming from the machines.

However things have changed.

The bioremediating parts washers of today are an example of a powerful, state of the art, natural technology; with a cleaning efficiency comparable to the best solvent parts washers, no detectable odours and little or no maintenance required.

Utilising the latest generation of surfactant fluids, the Red bioremediating parts washers are outperforming water based cleaners and emerging as a powerful, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional solvent systems.

The Bioremediation process relies on naturally occurring microbes which are contained in the Smartfilter of the Red systems. The dormant microbes contained in the filter only become active once placed into the parts washer and introduced to the surfactant solution.

As the machine is operated and the solution begins to circulate the microbes attack and consume the grease particles leaving nothing behind; due to the fact that the microbes actually clean the solution, it never has to be discarded just topped up to the operating level.

As well as a reduction in the levels of waste produced, users of the Red bioremediating parts washers have also reported a reduction in operating costs compared to their solvent parts washer and the benefits of switching are compelling:

    • Fast and effective parts washing, even up against tough lubricants
    • Low maintenance and low operating costs
    • User friendly—virtually no odour or skin irritation
    • No health or fire risks
    • No skimming, hazardous waste production or disposal
    • No cradle-to-grave liability

With a focus on sustainability and the prevention of waste, bioremediation is emerging as the responsible parts washer technology and many operators are keen to switch from the hazardous waste producing solvent system to this natural, environmentally friendly option