As a company we believe that our staff are our greatest asset.  We have a workforce of highly skilled, committed individuals who continually go above and beyond what is expected of them.  In response to the efforts of our staff, we like to be able to give something back and feel it is important to show our appreciation for those efforts .  It is for this reason that we operate an employee of the year award ceremony and although we are a little late with the announcement this year, we still wanted to show those staff who won awards just how much we appreciate their efforts in helping to grow and develop the company.

We are pleased to announce: Sharon Chatton as Employee of the Year, Dave Brennan as Operator of the Year, Shalim Shaikh as Chemist of the Year, Ella Stewart as Sales Person of the Year and Rachel Bispham as Administrator of the Year.

Congratulations to all staff who won awards for their performance in 2013, we hope you continue to be as successful throughout 2014.