Choosing the right waste services company

Selecting the right waste management partner for your business can be tricky.  It’s important to check that they adhere to all the current legal regulations, it is your responsibility to make sure your waste is disposed of correctly. You should also make sure they provide the right waste management services to meet your business’ needs.  Chemical producers have different waste disposal requirements to construction companies – work with an experienced company who can offer your business the waste management solutions it needs.

Check licences and credentials

You must make sure anyone who collects waste from your business has a Waste Carriers Licence and is registered on the Environment Agency’s Public Register. It is a criminal offence to use an unlicensed waste carrier – even if you weren’t aware.  It is your responsibility to check the licences held by the company you are entrusting with your waste.

For businesses, you must have a Waste Transfer Note, which you keep for a minimum of two years.  This is proof of your business address, the company and registration number of the waste carrier, type of waste, quantity of waste etc.  This must be signed by the business and by the waste carrier.

Any reputable waste carrier that you choose to use should be able to provide you with their Waste Carriers Licence and any other relevant ISO certifications.   Red Industries provide customers with a Duty of Care pack, that is freely available for customers, which includes a copy of our Waste Carriers Licence, our three ISO certificates (ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and OHSAS 18001) .  All of our drivers are ADR qualified and trained to ensure loads are transported safely and in accordance with legal requirements.  We’re also affiliated members of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).

The right place for your waste

It’s important to check that the capabilities of the waste service providers you use matches to your needs.  Are they licensed and able to handle hazardous waste?  Can they provide a collection service?  Do they offer sample testing of waste?

Some companies, such as Red Industries, can offer a complete range of services for hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams – so you only need to work with one waste company for all of your business waste needs.  Services, such as Transfrontier Shipments of Waste, are only offered by a small number of companies in the UK.  You should check that the services you require can be met by the waste service provider that you choose.

Environmental Targets

Red Industries Waste AuditThe waste hierarchy sets out the order for options for managing waste in terms of what is best for the environment.  Any business that produces waste needs to take into account the waste hierarchy when choosing their waste management options.

Choosing a company that has a focus on environmental performance and sustainability is important.  Working with a waste management service provider who can provide safer waste treatment and disposal options, increase recycling and re-use and offer additional services (like oily rag recycling) can help you meet your environmental goals.

Service and Support

Having the right customer service levels and support is important when choosing your waste management service provider.  If you need assistance with determining how waste levels can be reduced, how recycling can be increased, or how you can reduce waste management costs – it may be worth asking for a waste audit.  Your waste management provider may be able to assist you with this.

It’s also important that you are getting the right level of service and support, whether it be advice with treatment methods, information on safe handling of waste, or assistance with meeting environmental targets.

Do you need waste sample analysis?  Working with a waste services provider that has an on-site laboratory for the classification and compliance testing of wastes could benefit your business.  Pre-acceptance testing can help ascertain the right disposal method and associated costs for your waste.  Acceptance testing checks the compliance of the chosen treatment option.


Remember price isn’t everything.  We know from our customers that price is important, but having good levels of customer service and a dedicated account manager are equally as important.  Finding a cost effective solution for your waste that balances price with reliability, legal compliance, service, and environmental targets is key.

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