The European Regulation on the classification, labelling & packaging of substances and mixtures came into force in January of 2009. The previous CHIP regulation on chemical classification is a mixture of both EU and domestic legislation however from 1st June 2015 all member states will be required to comply with the CLP classification system for classifying chemical mixtures.

As of the 1st  June 2015 CHIP will be replaced by the European Classification, Labelling, and Packaging (CLP) Regulations – aligning the UK with the rest of the world in the use of the Global Harmonisation System (GHS).  Hazardous categories, signals and statements will be used, along with Precautionary Statements (P phrases) – replacing previous Risk (R) phases and Hazard (H) phrases.  The CHIP orange and black rectangular symbols have also been replaced with red, black and white diamonds.

The effects of the changes mean that some substances previously classified as non-hazardous will become hazardous and vice versa, this will impact the classification of wastes.  The full regulations can be found here.  You can also refer to the government WM3 Technical guidance on the Technical Assessment of Waste.

We are committed to providing our customers with full support to help with any waste labeling queries and any assistance you need in understanding the regulations and being compliant for your waste streams.  It is important that your business is compliant with CLP regulations.  We can analyse waste at our on-site laboratory facility to ensure it is correctly classified.  We will also require from you a completed Declaration Form with information about your waste and a copy of the MSDS where available.  If you’re unsure of the labelling and classification requirements of your waste, talk to our team.

We provide legally compliant services combined with high levels of customer service.  Talk to our technical support team today and see how we could help you with your waste needs.