Community Clean Up – Sneyd Green

The first of the Big Community Clean Up projects took place this weekend at Sneyd Green Park.

We’re delighted to be supporting Signal 1’s Community Clean Up project – working with local communities to improve their community areas.  We had several applications from residents around Sneyd Green Park asking for help in cleaning up the park so it was safe for kids to use.

Before the clean up, there was a lot of broken glass and litter around the park.  Not only is this dangerous for people walking through the park, but it also meant children weren’t able to play safely in their local park.  There was also some offensive graffiti in the park that discouraged people from going and using the park.

The clean up was very positive and there were volunteers from the local area, as well as a team from Signal 1, helping to remove the rubbish and scrub away the graffiti.  At the end of the clean up, the park looked like a different place – free of rubbish and graffiti.

This is just the first of the Community Clean Up projects around Staffordshire and Cheshire.  Supporting the local community is important to RED, and we’re pleased to be involved in such a fantastic campaign to help areas around our sites and in the surrounding areas.

There’s still time to apply for your local community area to get a bit of TLC.  Click the link below to head on over to the Signal 1 application page and give us details of where you would like cleaning up.

Send us your application