We are continuing to support businesses and operate safely.

At the Red Industries Group, we take our responsibility to safeguard the health and safety of our customers, employees, visitors, and the public seriously. This pack outlines our commitment to achieve this when considering COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and to ensure we share this information with all stakeholders.

We are closely monitoring the government guidance to ensure we are adhering to its practices and principles. As the guidance evolves, we will continue to review our systems and procedures so we can share this best practice.

We’re continuing to support businesses with their waste management and industrial cleaning needs.  Safety is of paramount importance, and we have put a range of procedures and policies in place.

Industrial Cleaning – if your business requires  a deep clean, our Industrial Cleaning division can help.  Whether it’s a precautionary clean, clean prior to reopening, or a response to a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus, our Industrial Cleaning team can advise and assist you.

Waste Management – we operate flexibly and will work with customers to meet their needs.  We can increase the number of collections as needed, carry out a one-off waste service, or support you with the removal and disposal of PPE.

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Red Industries’ Approach

As part of our COVID-19 approach we have:

  • Reviewed our Business Continuity Strategy;
  • Completed a clear Coronavirus Risk Assessment;
  • Reviewed our working practices for team members carrying out work at client facilities;
  • Reviewed our processes for admittance to our facilities by employees, customers, and visitors;
  • Provided clear instructional signage at our facilities;
  • Provided personal PPE and personal hygiene resources to all employees, and people accessing our premises;
  • Reduced contact with paperwork and hard services;
  • Provided clear internal and external communication;
  • Provided instruction and training to all employees;
  • Reviewed the way we work in relation to meetings and non-essential business travel.

Business Continuity Strategy and Plan
Our Senior Leadership team are meeting regularly to continually assess the business impact and the impact on our customers, employees, visitors and the public. The Senior Leadership Team are ensuring government guidance is reviewed so that the systems and practices at Red remain current and reduce risk as far as is practical. This information is shared with our team.

Risk Assessment
The Red Industries Coronavirus risk assessment has been written by competent, trained professionals with the input of key personnel across our facilities and departments. All Red Industries personnel have received a copy of the company Coronavirus risk assessment and appropriate instruction and training to work safely.

Removed contact with paperwork and hard services as much as possible

Wherever possible the Red Industries Group has removed contact with paperwork by making more effective use of IT systems, this includes electronic document completion and scanning documents to customers, and employees.

If contact with paperwork or hard surfaces cannot be eliminated, all our employees have been supplied with antiviral wipes, protective gloves and hand sanitiser to utilise after handling.

Admittance to Red Industries’ Premises
Employees start and finish times are being staggered to reduce congregations within communal areas. Red Industries has clear signage and floor markings to ensure employees and visitors maintain social distancing.

Upon arriving, employees and customers are requested to take their temperature to ensure it is not over 38°C and hand sanitiser is readily available for usage by all.

Visitors are requested to complete a Coronavirus proforma prior to admittance to ensure they are safe to enter our premises. We have provided separate welfare and hygiene facilities for drivers attending our sites to minimise the risk of contamination

Red Industries has increased the frequency of cleaning provision across all facilities.

Any customer, supplier, contractor or third party staff member entering our facilities will be provided with instructions on the safe working practices in place.
Meetings with third party staff which are required in person will be pre-arranged to ensure there is an area available to accommodate a meeting safely. Numbers of attendees will be limited (from both sides) to ensure social-distancing requirements in the meeting room environment can be adequately observed.

Social Distancing and Signage
All employees have been briefed concerning the need to maintain social distancing and there are visual reminders within the workplace to ensure employees are 2 meters apart wherever practicable.

Red Industries has ensured that all employees within the workplace have desks which are set at least two meters apart, or that appropriate perspex screening is in place whereby this is between 1 and 2 meters, and that colleagues maintain this with clear marking of no entry zones.
Where employees cannot maintain social distancing face masks or visors are utilised.
Many of our larger offices are also zoned for entry and exit points, kitchen and toilet facilities to minimise potential cross contamination and movement.

Personal Protective Equipment, Company Clothing, and Sanitisation
All employees have been issued with appropriate PPE to ensure that our employees, customers, visitors, and the public are protected.
Company face masks and visors will be worn when required at our customers sites. All employees have access to hand sanitiser at all times.

Internal and External Communication
Red Industries has provided clear advice and guidance to our employees and customers on how we will operate during this time via our newsletters, website, employee briefings, policy documentation and risk assessments. We are constantly reviewing this to ensure it is in-line with government and NHS best practice.

Awareness and Training
Awareness documents and notifications are distributed as a mandatory read via our company systems and through ‘toolbox talks’. All employees are required to acknowledge receipt of this training and adherence to it is monitored via internal audit and safety checks.

Remote Meetings and Travel
Our staff will not attend the site’s of customers, suppliers or subcontractors without being invited for a specific purpose and the visit is planned ahead of schedule.

All employees have been trained in the assessment of risk relating to internal and external meetings such that any the risk is minimised. We have made arrangements to ensure that travel to and from external sites can be achieved without the use of public transport. This not only minimises risk but also ensures that the space on public transport is available for key workers.

Our staff will follow all local rules at remote sites and will take instruction from their sponsor or designated deputy.

Absence and Coronavirus Symptoms
All employees who are absent are required to inform their manager of the reason for their absence, and any underlying symptoms.
If an employee has Coronavirus symptoms they must follow the NHS guidelines for the self isolation protocol together with obtaining a test, and adherence to the NHS test and trace system. If the employee is given the all-clear they will then be able to return to work.
At all times, all employees are supported by the HR Team to ensure our COVID protocols are implemented, reducing the risks of transmission. Our staff work in isolated small desk bubbles and are enabled to work from home should they need to self-isolate due to either a positive result from a colleague, or indeed the colleagues’ household.

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