Red Industries customers are set to benefit from the company’s recent investment in a state of the art XRF machine.   The new equipment will be installed in 2014, and it is an energy dispersive X Ray fluorescence Spectrometer, used for the non destructive analysis of elements, and features a much higher analytical capability than the five year old system currently in use.

In making the decision to upgrade the company’s lab equipment Red Industries felt that an Energy Dispersive Fluorescence System was the best choice for carrying out their dedicated applications in quality and process control.

X Ray Fluorescence is a proven technique for material analysis and one of the best techniques available to perform elemental analysis in a variety of samples; the new XRF will enable the company’s lab to deliver rapid qualitative and quantitative determination of both major and minor atomic elements, in a wide variety of sample types.

The company envisions all customers benefiting from a more comprehensive analysis of a wider range of elements and is anticipating greatly increased turnaround speeds on sample analyses.


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