We’re delighted to announce the opening of a new bulk offloading facility at our Stoke-on-Trent waste processing site.

As part of our ongoing innovation and development strategy, we have invested in a new permitted bulk  offloading area for skip and tipper vehicles.

The 500 m3 area has been specifically created to accept waste including hazardous packaging, hazardous filter cakes, oily sludges, hazardous construction waste and more.  Once tipped, the waste is sorted for onward processing.

The offloading bay sits within our permitted waste treatment and transfer station.  The waste can be sorted on site, handled by our team, and processed accordingly – with our experience and waste capabilities, we can route the waste suitably, for example processing for recovery of energy from waste through our Transfrontier Shipment licence.

This development enables us to further expand the services we can offer to our existing customers and gives us new opportunities to attract new clients to work with us.   Our facility is centrally located with easy access from the M6 and surrounding roads, providing the perfect location for this new service as skip vehicles can easily run into the site.

This is an exciting development as we moved into the next phase of growth for our waste management services.   Over the past three years, Red Industries has expanded through acquisitions of complementary companies and through careful strategic planning to ensure sustainable growth.  Our compliant and broad waste management services, coupled with high levels of client support, make us the waste management partner of choice for customers across the UK.

Our new bulk offloading facility can accept a range of waste streams including:

  • Hazardous packaging
  • Hazardous absorbents
  • Excavated hazardous soils
  • Hazardous filter cake
  • Hazardous construction waste
  • Partially stabilised waste
  • Oily sludges

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