The management of Hazardous Waste is highly regulated therefore it is essential that any business producing these waste streams ensures every aspect of their storage, collection and disposal is managed correctly.   Any waste stream that has properties or contains substances with the potential to be harmful to either health or the environment, is considered hazardous under environmental legislation and should be classified as such.

Managing hazardous waste can be difficult, in order to comply with relevant legislation, those who produce the waste are required to ensure the waste is correctly classified before sending it to be recycled or disposed of.  Hazardous wastes must be stored, transported and treated correctly in accordance with legislation therefore it is always safer to allow experienced professionals like Red Industries to handle all aspects of your hazardous waste management.

Our team of highly experienced hazardous waste experts will work with you to develop individually tailored waste management services;  Red Industries will collect, recycle and dispose of all your hazardous waste streams and provide full administrative support, assuring you of a safe, compliant solution


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