Health and Safety

The Red Behavioural Health & Safety Programme has been designed to give you all the information you need about Red Industries ongoing Health & Safety Incentives. Here at Red we consider Health & Safety to be of paramount importance.

Although we operate in an industry full of hazards, it is our objective to reduce the number of accidents and injuries to an absolute minimum by providing safe, compliant working conditions.

We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees, customers and suppliers as far as reasonably practical, whilst on site.

We continually strive to improve standards of Health & Safety on site through the use of 5 key behavioural safety incentives.


Pedestrian Safety Incentive

One of the biggest contributors to a poor health & safety record is a lack of awareness. People often walk around familiar territory on auto pilot or take short-cuts to get somewhere without thinking about the potential hazards.

As pedestrians, everyone is guilty of these types of behaviour at times however in our industry with its many potential dangers; this lack of pedestrian awareness could prove fatal.  The Pedestrian safety incentive was designed to make employees stop and think about safety when moving around site. A number of areas in any waste management facility are authorised access only, due to the numerous hazards present which could be a risk to a person’s safety.  Under this incentive all employees are challenged to ensure that no one enters either of two specified areas.


Driver Work at Height Incentive

The HSE has identified that many workplace incidents, including fatalities are caused by working at height.

Red Industries ongoing commitment is to improve the workplace safety of all our stakeholders therefore we couldn’t ignore these areas of concern and had to ensure they were addressed.

The driver work at height project was designed to identify scenarios when access to the deck of a wagon maybe required and to construct ways of removing that need for access.

Where access to a wagons deck is a necessity a risk assessment and safe work instruction must be constructed so that all necessary operations undertaken by drivers at height are completed safely, efficiently and practically.

The DWH project is essential to policing behaviour whilst challenging and correcting unsafe practices.


Process Improvement Points Scheme

Here at Red we believe that accepted working practices aren’t always the best way of doing something, there is always room for improvement.

The process improvement point scheme encourages everyone on site to make suggestions as to how certain processes can be improved.

Here at Red we value everyone’s opinion and know that generally the people on the ground have the best insights into how things should be done.

Our mission to continually improve and raise standards can only be achieved by listening and acting on suggestions for improvement.

Safe Waste Storage Incentive

This incentive was designed as a check mechanism for the storage of wastes on site. The plant manager assesses the storage bays on a weekly basis to check all is in order.

We all know that if you do something long enough you can virtually do it with your eyes closed, sometimes this repetition gives rise to small mistakes.

A major health & safety concern for any site is safe storage of stock, the SWS Incentive is about allaying this concern and ensuring everything is stored safely and compliantly.

This check and balance has been well received and the storage of waste on site is of the highest possible standard.


What A Good One Looks Like

Unfortunately Health & Safety generally consists of telling people what they should be doing and highlighting the things they are doing wrong.

We made a decision based on a successful PIP, to construct an incentive that highlights and encourages the things that are done well.

We are fortunate to have an outstanding workforce, who regularly complete processes to an exceptional standard so developing a strategy for sharing good practice was easy.

This strategy became the WAGOLL incentive which allows us as a company to show our staff appreciation for their continuing efforts. The WAGOLL wall is used to display pieces of exceptional work as a benchmark for the standards we strive to achieve at both sites.

This practice of sharing the positives has had an impact on both standards and moral as staff see their efforts being recognised and we are sure these benefits will continue.