Jacqui Slack competed in the Xterra World Championships in Maui, Hawaii.  The tough course involved a 1 mile swim, a 20 mile bike (including 3,500 feet climbs up and down the slopes of the West Maui Mountains), and finished with a 6.5 mile trail run through forest and across sand.

Out of the 21 top female triathletes, Jacqui finished in a fantastic 7th place.

After being struck down by a virus 7 weeks before the race, it was a tough challenge to train and prepare for the race in such a short amount of time.

Swim: 24 mins 21 secs
The race started well, with Jacqui finishing 4th at the end of the swim.

Bike: 2 hours 17 mins 57 secs
By 6km into the race, Jacqui had climbed to 2nd place behind reigning World Champion Flora Duffy. By the half way point, Lesley Patterson had passed her, shouting words of encouragement.

After a strong start, disaster then struck, Jacqui says:

“I went to change gear and they wouldn’t change it seemed that when I slid out and hit a tree I had torn my gear cable and it was hanging by a thread I was stuck in single speed for the remainder of the ride (15km). Going up and down hill was fine but when the flat sections came I was spinning out and going no where it was actually faster to run.”

With 8km to go, the other competitors started to catch up and Jacqui fell to 7th place.

Run: 59 mins 27 secs
Even with a strong run, Jacqui was not able to make up for the time lost on the bike and finished in 7th place.

Total time: 3 hours 41 mins 45 secs

Jacqui concludes:
“My goal for Maui 6 weeks ago was to cross the finish line with a race I would be happy with and thats exactly what I did. It wasn’t that dream podium I wanted but it was a performance I was very proud of an came away with many positive vibes for the next race in 3 weeks time.”

Highlights on the race can be viewed here.

The next race is the ITU Cross World Championships on 19th November.

Jacqui Slack World Champs 2016

Jacqui Slack Xterra World Champs 2016