We understand these are challenging times and our customers and other businesses are looking for help and advice on cleaning and sanitising their commercial & industrial facilities.

The government have issued some guidance on cleaning in non-healthcare settings, including:

  • Appropriate PPE should be worn
  • Surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected
  • Avoid splashing when cleaning
  • All waste must be appropriately disposed of

Our industrial cleaning team are on-hand to help your business should you need it.  Our specialist cleaning team have the right PPE and equipment to carry out the cleaning of your facility and appropriately dispose of the resulting waste.  You can be assured that our cleaning services meet/ exceed the guidance.

If you’re looking for help, talk to our team: 0121 580 3055 or enquiries@redindustries.co.uk

It’s important to act quickly when dealing with any type of contamination.  Our industrial cleaning team are skilled in handling emergency situations and can react quickly and with appropriate measures.  We will carry out a risk assessment and full scope of the works.  Our cleaning proposal will be tailored to your businesses needs.

We have the equipment and knowledge to provide cleaning of your facility including spraying, sanitising, and cleaning of surfaces, equipment, touch points, and floors.   If someone in your facility has a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and your premise requires cleaning, talk to our team.  Our team can provide decontamination and sanitisation services of your facility as required.

Our team are all suitably protected with the right PPE to carry out the work safely and efficiently. As waste management providers, we can also remove all waste safely and dispose of it correctly, keeping the area clean and the environment safe.

Our industrial cleaning and waste management services are here to help your business.  If you need advice or industrial cleaning of your facilities – talk to our team: enquiries@redindustries.co.uk or 0121 580 3055