This Saturday was the Donna Louise It’s a Knockout! day, which was sponsored by Red Industries.

Despite the rain and drizzle, the day was a huge success with over 20 teams taking part.  ‘Red Leaders’ was the team from Red Industries, and a huge thank you to them for taking part and getting completely wet and muddy!   The day was split into 3 parts, with two events in each section – including inflatable obstacle course, basketball, and tunnels filled with foam!  Each section was broken up by dancing and cabaret (including some very suspect Morris Dancing finished with the Dead Fly!)

The event was held to raise money for the Donna Louise Trust

For more photos of the day, visit the Facebook page.  Hawk UAV have also done a great video of the day, check out their Facebook page.

For more info about The Donna Louise Trust and the work they do: click here.

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