WASTE SAMPLE ANALYSIS | Laboratory Services and Sample Analysis

Landfill Waste Disposal

Laboratory Services and  SAMPLE ANALYSIS

We have an onsite laboratory for the compliance and classification testing of wastes.  We can offer testing and analysis services at customer’s sites as well as in our own lab.

All our analysts are degree qualified or higher, with extensive experience in the waste industry as well as being competent within the field of on-site analytical testing of various waste streams.

The Red Industries lab carries a range of equipment that allows us to offer testing and analysis services on a range of samples. All sampling services are available upon request and we are also happy to provide a qualified chemist to attend customer sites, to list and sample any wastes as required.

Here at Red Industries we tailor our services to suit the requirements of individual customers therefore, all analytical services are available at regularly scheduled intervals or on a load by load basis to meet requirements.

Red Industries have a team of highly experienced waste management professionals on hand to help solve any problems that may arise however, if you require any further assistance or guidance with the management of your wastes, a dedicated account manager will always be made available to you

Sample analysis

  • Pre Acceptance Samples: The provision of this sampling service allows us to offer all customers the most competitive quotation based on the analysis of any hazards associated with the particular waste stream.
  • Acceptance Samples: On-site analysis of samples is carried out to ascertain compliance for the chosen treatment option. We are able to offer a quick turnaround on samples supplied by customers due to the range of equipment available in our laboratory


We provide expert technical assistance and unique support to help manage your waste streams.

Our lab has received significant investment, which has led to improvements in our testing capabilities.  Our laboratory is equipped with an XRF, ICP, IC, Bomb Calorimeter and TOC/DOC – all of which allow our analysts to classify the various waste materials received on site.  Most waste streams will undergo basis screening for inorganic elements.

As well as specialist testing, we also offer a range of bench bases analytical testing and preparations.

Bench based testing

  • Water testing kits: Can be used in situ at various locations by our qualified lab staff or site chemists.
  • Wet chemistry techniques: We use titrimetry and titration methods for the determination of strong acids – essential in determining hazards and disposal costs for treatment.
  • Water content: Used to determine the level of waste present in solvent materials – helping to determine the options for solvent recovery or blending.
  • Flashpoint: We use Stanhope seta flashpoint to determine flashpoints on potentially flammable waste streams.