From 1st April 2019, landfill tax will be increased by HM Revenue and Customs.

Current Rate New Rate
Standard Rated Waste £88.95 per tonne £91.35 per tonne
Lower Rated Waste £2.80 per tonne £2.90 per tonne

We endeavour to keep our costs to a minimum whilst working to the highest industry standards.  However, this increase imposed by HMRC means our customers will see an increase in landfill tax for waste disposal for certain waste streams.

Any price increase will be incorporated into all quotations issued from 12th March 2018.  All quotations issued before this date will be subject to review if the service is provided on or after 20th March 2019.

Customers who have any queries about the landfill tax increase, can call Trevor Wilson, Group Sales Director, on 01782 824026 or email

On 1st October 1996, HMRC introduced landfill tax to encourage the exploration of sustainable alternatives for disposing of waste.  The lower rate of tax is applied to less polluting wastes, and a standard rate of tax is applied to all other taxable waste disposed of at landfill sites.

For more information on the landfill tax, visit the HMRC Landfill Tax Policy Paper.

Walleys Quarry Landfill

Our non-hazardous landfill waste disposal site is situated in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.  It is easily accessible from the M6 and surrounding area.

We provide our customers with competitive rates for tipping, coupled with excellent levels of customer support.

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Landfill Communities Fund

As a landfill operator, we offer funding for local community and environmental projects within the vicinity of our landfill site or treatment and transfer station.  Eligible projects could include improvements to a public sporting facility, the creation of a new playground, or restoration to a public historical building.

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