Red Industries has operated at Sneyd Hill Transfer and Treatment Centre, Burslem site since 2006 and today we have successfully received planning permission to install a new aerosol can de-packaging unit at site.

Nigel Bowen CEO of Red Industries stated, “We are really excited that planning permission has been approved for this project which clearly demonstrates our commitment to continue to invest in our well established Sneyd Hill facility, which has been in operation for 15 years.  The investment also underlines our drive towards establishing sustainable recovery processes for waste management as the industry and the circular economy moves forward.

We will be using the latest, safest, and greenest technology on the market which is world leading to recycle aerosols investing £2M to install the latest world leading technology to process aerosols safely and in an environmentally responsible way. The process is fully automated and only permits use when all safety conditions have been met.

Aerosols are widely used in homes and industry, with some 1.4 billion aerosols produced by companies in Britain.  British expertise in the design and filling of aerosols is recognised across the world.

The UK capacity for specialist aerosol recycling is small with many aerosols not processed in such a way to protect the environment from uncontrolled releases of potentially harmful materials and the commensurate loss of recyclable and recoverable materials. Utilising our aerosol recycling plant, removes waste from landfill and offers 100% waste recovery in a close looped system.

The processing unit is designed to be compact, and self-contained, fitting inside a 20ft (6m) shipping container. When fed aerosol containers, the processing unit safely removes and collects the waste contents, captures, and contains the gaseous and liquid contents and bales the empty metal containers. All 100% recyclable and non-odorous. We are really excited that the scheme will also create around 10 skilled jobs in the local area and are looking forward to cracking on with the work after months of planning.”