We are pleased to announce that Red Industries have purchased new offices in Berkeley Court, Newcastle-under-Lyme.  The three storey offices have had significant time and money spent on them – they have been refurbished to a high standard and the inside layout has been updated to fit with the needs of the business.  New meeting rooms and lounge area has been created, which will create a positive space for meeting with customers.  Kitchenettes on each floor, plus a communal break room area, are a real positive for the 20+ employees who will be based at the new office.

There are good transport links to the new offices as they are just outside Newcastle-under-Lyme town centre.  The new head office is also not too far away from the existing treatment and transfer station in Burslem and our landfill site in Silverdale.

The previous offices were at the Burslem waste processing facility, with office staff spread across two buildings at different ends of the site.  The new offices bring the office staff together in one place, allowing for easier communication.

The move will allow the existing waste processing and storage facilities at the Burslem plant to be extended and should lead to the creation of more jobs.  It will also make space for new rest rooms and changing facilities to be created for the staff at the site.

The move is a big investment for Red Industries and will benefit the staff greatly.  It also provides additional room for expansion in the future as we take on more staff.  It’s an exciting time for our company and a great way to mark our 10th anniversary year.

Update 21st September

The site officially opened on Monday 19th September and staff have now moved in to the new head office.

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