Seeing Red…Attracting and Nurturing Talent with a Graduate Training Programme

The Red Industries Group have recognised that as graduates leave university and join the workforce following the pandemic, they are looking for opportunities which will offer certainty and stability in an ever changing world.

Red Industries has recently introduced a tailored Graduate training programme to meet the expectations of graduates entering the workforce as well as the Red Industries Group as it expands.

It is widely acknowledged that the employers market place is difficult within STEM industries.  The waste industry is no exception to the challenges of attracting talent. Whilst STEM may convey the clean white coats and laboratory image in healthcare that can appeal to undergraduates, the world of waste management traditionally conjures up a very different image. However, a career in the waste industry can be exciting, challenging and diverse for graduates now joining the workforce.

The Red Industries Group believes it is critical to attract and nurture talent, as well as support a graduate’s development. Enlightened employers such as Red Industries are looking to meet the needs of this new cohort and attract them to their organisations by providing a career opportunity to match.

Kath Thompson, HR Manager explains “At Red Industries we’ve looked at what appeals to graduates  and ensured our new graduate training scheme meets those needs. We think by tailoring our exciting opportunities we can attract and keep the next generation of talent. Our graduate scheme will not only look at developing graduates’ technical skills but leadership skills and emotional intelligence for future leadership positions”

“Current graduates are of course digitally savvy- but behind that is the need to connect and communicate. These traits are important to recognise when designing our mentor programme to support those entering our newly designed trainee graduate programme. The mentorship which will run alongside the programme will offer guidance and support, often on a one to one basis. The Red Industries Group programme will also support our graduate colleagues to develop the skills and confidence to act autonomously-something we recognise as important to this generational cohort.

New graduates are open and innovative, and we believe that fostering those skills is better for our organisation and the growth of the individuals in the programme. The scheme ensures that graduates move between different areas of the business over a 2 year programme, ensuring they really get to know the business first hand. We will benefit from new insights and a trainee who sees the business as a whole.”

Jon Clewes, Technical Operations Director adds  ”The waste management industry offers some exciting prospects to chemists and other science graduates. There are many different areas that those skills are utilised within key parts of our business. It can be not only a practical application of the science studied at undergraduate level, but also a route to learn, develop and implement new skills here at Red Industries.

Our graduates would not only spend time in the laboratory, but also work in a number of areas meaning that there is a great variety in the day to day work across the different parts of the organisation. This could mean examining waste streams and ensuring technical compliance to shaping the waste treatment routes, to the support of clients in the many industries we serve. So one day you could be reviewing the chemicals from a resin business,  and the next, understanding the components in a pharmaceutical manufacturers waste stream.”

Red Industries have carefully crafted the development programme using internal mentors and training programmes. They will begin to deliver the programme to four graduate recruits this year.

With todays graduates more aware of the environmental impact of humankind on the planet, this generation are more motivated to fulfil a sustainable future. The waste industry forms a vital part of that sustainable future. Red Industries is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK (Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100) and has ambitious growth plans further ensuring that this generation and the next will have the opportunities to grow their talent with Red Industries.

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