Here at Red Industries we regularly assess the range of products and services we offer, to identify what else our customer’s require from us as their chosen service provider.

In fact we are committed to offering our customers a total environmental management service.  We realised that in order to make this commitment we had to make some essential products and services widely available as soon as possible.

Our customers identified Parts Washers as being an everyday essential in manufacturing, maintenance, repair and remanufacturing operations; in response to this we set ourselves the challenge of developing a powerful, environmentally friendly, cost-effective range of parts washers.

Anyone who uses a parts washer knows that traditional systems utilise solvents to strip any grease or dirt off the parts during the washing process; however environmental concerns have encouraged the innovation of natural, solvent free technologies.

The quest to find an innovative parts washer solution and our mission to replace the solvents and hazardous chemicals used in traditional sink on a drum systems, led us to develop the RED Aqueous Parts Washing Systems.  In 2013, we were pleased to launch our Parts Washer range, Red Innovations.

Available in automatic or manual, RED parts washers deliver all the power of solvent systems with none of the hazardous wastes or associated liabilities.  We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a powerful, environmentally responsible, sustainable parts washing solution.

The RED Manual range of solvent free, bio remediating systems uses naturally occurring microbes and a special degreasing solution which actively improves operator safety and assists with meeting the requirements of an ISO 14001 accreditation.

Launched on 1st November 2013, both the manual and automatic systems are available today on a free, no obligation trial for two weeks, complete with a range of specialist consumables.  We are confident that the RED Aqueous Systems will replace any traditional washer with no loss of washing capability.

RED Aqueous Parts Washing Systems represent the powerful alternative to solvent systems.

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