Opportunities to work and learn at RED

We’ve been delighted to have Sam Perry on a summer placement with us in our laboratory.  Sam’s been studying and working throughout his degree to give him the best start for his future career.  He approached RED to see if we would be able to take him on a summer placement before he went back to university – an offer we gladly accepted!  We caught up with him before he finished:

What are you studying? I’m at Leicester University doing an integrated Masters in Chemistry with a year in industry.  The first two years I was a full time student, and spent my summers working in ceramics. Last year I was distance learning whilst working at BASF developing polyurethanes – it was great experience but also tough as I’d come home at 5pm and then spend another two-three hours studying!

What do you hope to do when you complete your MChem? I want to be a Materials Scientist, although I’m not sure in what area – maybe ceramics or metals. As a Material Scientist, no two days are the same – I enjoy the creativity of developing new formulas and products to solve a problem. I wanted to get as much practical experience as I could whilst studying to help me get a head start in my career, which is why I wanted to spend a couple of months at RED during the summer.

How have you found RED so far? It’s been great to get practical experience using machines like XRFs and ICPs, as not many companies have this equipment. It has given me hands-on experience of analytics, which will help me next year as I’ll be doing a lot of project work with analytical equipment. I’ve enjoyed working here – the people are friendly and always willing to help out, it’s a great team of people to work with.

Outside of studying and working, what do you like to do? I’m a Stoke football fan (although I’m not sure why sometimes!) – I don’t live too far from the stadium, so I’m often there when they’re playing at home. I’m also a trained Rescue SCUBA Diver…!

We’d like to thank Sam for his help during his time here, and wish him all the very best for his future studies and career.  It’s been fantastic having Sam with us for the past 6 weeks and we’re keen to continue to offer summer placements and apprenticeship schemes at our sites.

Are you looking to gain hands on experience of work whilst you study?  We’re keen to train and develop people – from 6 week work placements in our labs through to training opportunities for our existing employees to help them progress.  Our placements and apprenticeship schemes are a valuable part of our business.  It’s  a great opportunity for the person to gain real world experience and develop their skills – it also gives us the chance to see our company through fresh eyes!

If you’re looking for experience in the waste/ chemical industry and are ready to start/ develop your career, get in touch and see if we can help you.

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