Environmental Solutions


We believe that good business performance and good environmental performance are inextricably linked.

They way in which we manage and operate our processes and minimise waste, the way we use energy efficiently and conserve our resources, the way we protect wildlife around our sites – these are all examples of our commitment to minimising our impact on the environment… and a normal part of our daily business.  We are proud to hold ISO 14001.

We dedicate ourselves to delivering sustainable waste management through innovation in recycling, chemical treatment technologies, and waste reduction processes.  We are contributing to a more sustainable future by creating safer waste treatment and disposal options, increasing recycling and re-use, and passing the benefits of our research and innovation in environmental solutions on to our customers.

Some of our environmental solutions include:

Waste Services

We offer a range of sustainable waste solutions, including recycling, preparation for re-use and recovery services.  We are one of a handful of companies who are licensed for transfrontier shipments of waste – where waste is exported as a useful resource.

Waste Consultancy

We can help businesses achieve their environmental targets – through improved efficiencies, increased recycling, and minimised waste disposal.  We offer a free waste audit to help you improve your environmental performance or work towards ISO 14001.

Other Services

We offer an oily rag recycling service, which is available on a variety of service terms to suit your usage. We also supply a wide range of ancillary products for all your environmental management needs, including

  • Spill kits
  • Absorbents
  • Providing drums, IBC’s, and wheelie bins

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