We provide you with Total Waste Management Services.

At Red Industries we have always been committed to meeting our customers needs by offering cost-effective, quality environmental services.

Formed in 2006, we began operating  as a specialist hazardous waste management company with a small staff of highly experienced hazardous waste experts.  Since then we have seen a healthy growth of both our workforce and customer base which has allowed us to expand our service offerings.  We now provide a complete rate of hazardous and non-hazardous waste services, waste consultancy, ancilliary products, and parts washers.

Our plan was an ambitious one; we aimed to become one of the UK’s most valued total waste management service providers and knew that the key to achieving our goal was taking a customer focused approach to service and product development.  Bringing together some of the most experienced, highly qualified professionals from both the hazardous and non hazardous waste sectors meant that we as a company, could offer our customers an in depth understanding of the industry as a whole.

Today, as a result of our customer oriented business philosophy, we offer a total waste management package that includes everything from waste collection and management services through to the supply of environmental management products such as specialist spill kits and parts washing systems.

All Red customers are provided with personalised access to the Red Hierarchy App, enabling them to effectively monitor their recycling and track the progress of their waste through the waste hierarchy.  The app is easy to use and doesn’t only produce waste reports but also illustrates any opportunity for increased recycling capabilities.

Our sustainable services are delivered to a variety of businesses throughout the UK, with features such as customised collections and full administrative support, our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing every aspect of their waste management is handled under one contract.

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