The team have set off on the exhausting 560km journey…

The team of 12, including our Chief Executive Adam, set off from the Eiffel Tower, Paris at 4.30am (UK time) on Monday 28th May to travel 560km to Tower Bridge, London.

The incredible team is made up of:
Tony Pulis (Manager of Middlesbrough FC) and Rory Delap (former Stoke City FC player) will join 8 local business supporters – Adam Share, Gareth Higgins, Paul Franklin, Paul Staley, James Whitehead, Nick Frost, Steve Bateman, Nathan Walton – and Professor Liz Barnes and Professor Ieuan Ellis, Vice Chancellor and Pro Vice Chancellor respectively, of Staffordshire University.  A support team will travel alongside the team to ensure they have everything they need.

LEG 1 – COMPLETE:  The team left the Eiffel Tower at 4.30am on Monday 28th May.  The route took around 15 hours to complete.

LEG 2:  The team set off around 9.30pm on Monday night to begin rowing across the English Channel.  This is one of the busiest shipping routes in the world, and the team are tackling it in a small, wooden, and wet rowing boat.  It’s estimated to take them around 40 hours to row the 190km distance.  They’ll take it in turns to row two hours on, two hours off, for the whole distance to ensure the boat stays moving.  The two hours off is just enough time to change out of their wet clothing, grab something to eat, and try to rest/ tend to any injuries.  You can track the team by looking at the location of the support boat ‘Sea Satin’: or through the Donna Louise live tracking webpage (link below).

LEG 3: Finally, after an exhausting three days, they will trek 100km from Brighton to London to reach the finish line.

You can follow their journey on The Donna Louise’s interactive map:

You can also watch the team’s progress at each stage of the journey, including regular live broadcasts on The Donna Louise’s social media channels
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This incredible challenge will raise awareness of the sleep dep

rivation many families who use the Donna Louise experience on a daily basis.  Head over to the Tower to Tower website to read about Meghan Blakeman and her daughter Lyla, as she explains why the Donna Louise is so vital and how your support, through donations, can really help make a difference.  While these guys will push through 4 long days and nights, Mum and dads like Kip and Meghan, battle physical, emotional and psychological exhaustion day in, day out.  Respite stays at The Donna Louise give families the chance to have a rest and recharge and the more money this incredible team raise, the more families they can support.

If you can, please support the team, including Adam, and help the Donna Louise by donating:

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