The European Regulation on the classification, labelling & packaging of substances and mixtures came into force in January of 2009 and is known as the CLP Regulation. The current law on chemical classification is a mixture of both EU and domestic legislation however from 1st June 2015 all member states will be required to comply with the CLP classification system for classifying chemical mixtures.

By June we will have to replace current Hazard codes with a new range hazardous property code from HP1 to HP15, Risk Phrases are to be replaced with Hazard Statements, thresholds will change and pictograms are to be replaced with danger symbols.

The effects of the changes mean that some substances previously classified as non hazardous will become hazardous and vice versa, this will obviously impact the classification of wastes.

As the full effects of the regulations begin to take hold Red Industries will provide more information and assistance to any customers and the full regulations can be found here