We welcome completion of the report into the Ambient Air Quality at Silverdale.

We are pleased that the report concludes that there are no emissions from Walleys Landfill that breach WHO guidelines, and are therefore below the guideline levels deemed harmful to health.

All emissions were below relevant air quality strategy objectives for human health and Environmental Assessment levels.

The level of Hydrogen Sulphide exceeded the odour limit (the level likely to result in complaints) for a small period of time, but was still below levels deemed harmful to health. We will continue to actively monitor the site on a daily basis in line with our odour management plan. Other contributing sources in the area were also cited within the report.

Since the start of 2019, investment has been made in installing 19 gas wells and 9 pin wells across Walleys Landfill facility. Work will also be commencing, as planned, to temporary cap some of the cells closest to the boundary of the landfill as we move into other sections of the facility.

We are satisfied with the report and its findings and will continue to invest in the site and to operate our facility in line with our permit, regulations, and our robust management procedures.

We are committed to operating our site compliantly and strive to be good neighbours. We will continue to provide updates to the community through our regular Community Liaison Committee Meetings and community page of our website.

More information and full report available below and on our community page: https://www.redindustries.co.uk/walleys-landfill-community/


Gov.UK page including more information about the facility.