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Waste Audit and CONSULTANCY Service

Our waste audit and consultancy service can help achieve a more  sustainable waste management strategy.

We offer all customers a full waste audit and consultancy service.  A waste audit will allow you to reduce your spending by understanding what waste is being produced, how, why, where and when.

Our highly experienced environmental consultants will evaluate your current waste management processes and provide recommendations on where operational efficiencies, cost savings and improved environmental performance can be achieved.

Whether you are seeking to improve your operating practices, environmental performance or simply want to benchmark your current suppliers against the market in cost, we can make a difference to your waste production and recycling capabilities, whilst saving you money.

We provide our waste audit and consultancy service to a range of businesses across the UK, and work with them to help:

  • Reduce costs
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Meet environmental targets
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The audit process

The waste auditing service begins with a site visit to document, detail and assess:

  • All waste produced
  • The source(s) of waste
  • All tonnages produced for recycling and landfill
  • Method of waste segregation used in both internal & external areas
  • Method of waste storage used, both internal and external – containers/bins/skips/IBC’s
  • Current suppliers service levels
  • Current disposal costs
After the initial waste audit, you will receive a full report detailing all findings and making recommendations for improvements and the available costs savings, we also offer periodic evaluations, setting goals and targets all of which are designed to achieve a more sustainable waste management strategy.

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We work with businesses in a variety of sectors and of varying sizes, and our tailored made solutions are designed to meet each customer’s hazardous waste disposal and recycling requirements.

Let us help you meet your environmental targets and cost saving goals through a careful review of your waste management processes.

Contact us with an overview of your business, and one of the team will be in touch to advise how we can help you.

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