Since September 2011 any business that imports, produces, transports, collects, recovers or disposes of waste has a duty to take all reasonable measures to ensure they have applied the Waste Hierarchy when transferring their waste.  The waste hierarchy is a list of approaches to managing waste from Prevention, being the most favourable option, through to Disposal, being the least favourable option.

At Red Industries we were determined to provide our customers with the tools to actively demonstrate their consideration of the waste hierarchy when transferring their wastes to us which is why we commisioned the development of the RHApp or Red Hierarchy App.

The app offers a series of visual reports identifying the position of a customers was stream against the waste hierarchy and as the information is collated over time the app is able to show the progression of those waste streams through the various options available.

RHApp also features a discussion forum which enables the free flow of information allowing us to work together with our customers to push their waste streams further up the waste hierarchy.  Our goal in buiding RHApp was simply to assist our customers with the task of developing a greener more sustainable waste management strategy and we are confident that customers will find RHApp to be an invaluable tool in the challenge to move waste from Disposal through to Preparation for Re-Use or Recycling.

The Red Industries Customer Hierarchy reporting application is proving to be an invaluable tool for those who want to chart their environmental progress through the waste hierarchy.  One of the many features of the app is that it can provide an illustration of your company’s environmental performance in terms of what end processes you have in place for the waste streams you produce.

By using the RHapp you can get a clear understanding of where you are performing well and where you may need to make significant improvements; this is where one of the RHapp’s other features comes in handy.  Once a required improvement is identified you can access an environmental improvement chat, where our specialist advisors will answer any questions and offer improvement solutions.  This unique little app is offered to Red customers free of charge and is accessed via the website customer portal.

These are just two of the features and RHapp also has a great reporting function which allows you to produce reports detailing all waste types and quantities produced over a given period, this negates the need to wait for producer returns or information sent from your service provider; for the first time all your information is at your disposal as it should be.

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