WASTE SERVICES | Industrial Shutdown Maintenance

Industrial Shutdown Maintenance

We provide a broad service offering for when your business is on industrial shutdown.

We are able to complete factory decommissioning and industrial shutdown maintenance.  We are a quick-response provider capable of offering services at each stage of an industrial assets life cycle from consultancy, design and build, through to operation, maintenance and renewal.

We offer a single-point solution or totally integrated support to ensure that clients receive an exceptional experience.

Our services include a wide variety of preparation techniques, coating applications & decorative services. Simply call a member of the client support team to discuss your specific needs.

  • Specialist industrial cleaning

  • Access and scaffolding

  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance

  • Pipework fabrication and installation

  • Thermal insulation

  • Outage planning and management

  • Property, asset, and estate management

  • General facilities management

  • Building and civil works

  • Blasting and painting