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Chemical Decontamination & Tank Cleaning

We offer a range of chemical decontamination solutions including tank & vessel cleaning and high pressure jet washing.

Tank & Vessel Cleaning, High Pressure Jetting & Chemical Decontamination

We are one of the UK’s leading tank cleaning experts offering a solution for even the most complex scenarios.

Our tank and vessel cleaning team offer bespoke solutions based on your objectives.  We assess every job individually, providing a tailored solution to your unique issue. Whatever the shape, size, or content of your tank, our project planning team will always have an expert at hand.

We analyse the tank contents, consider the project site and any environmental impact. We make safe working practises a priority. We remotely assess the scenario before adopting man entry techniques. Where these are required however, you will have the peace of mind that all entry to a tank will be carried out under strict procedures, using fully trained staff and only the latest safety equipment and apparatus.

With operatives fully trained in confined space entry and the use of a breathing apparatus, we have the capabilities to deliver your tank cleaning requirements even in hazardous environments.

As well as our highly experienced team of staff, we also provide a fleet of modern vehicles that can cope with a wide variety of waste materials. Our equipment is customisable to each job, leaving no task too big or too small, and mobile enough to provide industrial cleaning services across the UK.

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Jetting

We can provide a complete industrial cleaning service using a range of water jetting pressures with either a hot or cold water supply. We can tailor your cleaning service depending on the degree of contamination and the area to be cleaned. The introduction of ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting has increased the types of work that can be carried out successfully using this cleaning method.

UHP works at pressures up to 60,000 psi (4000 bar) and speeds of Mach 1.5, requiring specialist knowledge and experience to harness its full and powerful potential. Our highly skilled UHP operators ensure we meet your desired, high standards of decontamination. You can have confidence that our bespoke services will deliver your decontamination objectives for even the most demanding areas, often challenged by traditional methods.

We have a number of other techniques and applications for water jetting which include:

  • Tube bundle cleaning
  • Tube bundle cleaning using rigid tube lancing systems
  • Cold cutting tanks and pipework
  • Internal cleaning of pipes
  • Robotic tank cleaning using rotary spinning heads
  • Surface preparation for painting or coating
  • Hydro demolition (concrete cutting)
  • Floor cleaning
  • Graffiti removal