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Recycling & Recovery

We can help you meet your environmental targets.

Our facilities are operated in accordance within a strict waste hierarchy policy as defined by Regulation and in accordance with our Environment Agency Permits.

The preferred method for handling waste is recycling or recovery, but where this is technically or economically impossible it is subject to treatment and disposal. We strive to reduce the impact on the environment and adopt the circular economy philosophy by extracting the maximum value from materials and then recovering and regenerating at their end of life.

Typical materials we can recycle include:

  • Batteries
  • Electrical equipment (WEEE waste)
  • Oils (PCB, motor, hydraulic, soluble, vegetable, synthetic)
  • Solvents, acids, alkalines, paints, adhesives
  • Fluorescent tubes and lamps

Red Industries is one of a small number of companies able to offer Trans Frontier Shipments Рwhere we store, aggregate, and bulk transfer particular wastes to our audited partners in mainland Europe. The waste is then used to power cement kilns or generate energy.  This means that we can handle a wider range of materials and by transferring in bulk, can pass on any cost saving benefits to our clients.

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