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Restoration, Remediation Services

Restoration & Remediation Services

We offer a complete Emergency Restoration and Remediation Service across mainland UK.  We provide 24/7 service all year round, with our services including residential and commercial water damage, mould remediation and textile cleaning.

Our Fire, Water Damage & Flood Restoration Services can help you restore your premises and get back to business.  The damage from a fire or flood can be extensive and can involve a lengthy processes of returning your property to its original condition. We will endeavour to make life as easy as possible at this most difficult time.

  • Fire:  Different types of fires will produce different types of residue and require specialist restoration.  Speed is of the essence and the rapid response of our dedicated Fire Damage Restoration Team ensures the first steps to preventing secondary damage are put into place immediately. Once we have completed the decontamination phase, the property will be ready for reinstatement works to commence.
  • Water Damage & Flood: It is vital when dealing with a flood situation to remove the standing water as quickly as possible in order to prevent the risk of secondary damage. Our fleet of liquid Vacuumation Units have the ability to remove vast quantities of standing water to complete this critical phase.  Our experienced technicians will provide a tailored drying programme for the property and make periodic visits to access the drying process by taking surface, in depth and hygrometer box readings, with Protimeter Reading Equipment.  Once the readings are ‘pre-condition’, a drying certificate can be issued in order to certify that the property is back to its pre-damaged state.