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Skip Waste

SKIP Waste Offloading

We have a dedicated facility for the offloading of skip and tipper vehicles.

In 2020 we launched our new bulk offloading area for skip and tipper vehicles at our Stoke-on-Trent waste processing facility.  The new 500m3 area has been engineered for the offloading of hazardous skip waste and containers; the dedicated bay has been specifically designed so waste can be easily received, unloaded, sorted and prepared for processing.

The permitted area can accept a range of waste streams including hazardous packaging, excavated hazardous soils, oily sludges, hazardous construction waste, hazardous absorbents and more.   Sitting within our existing Staffordshire Treatment and Transfer station, we have the capabilities and expertise to efficiently handle the waste, as well as process for onward routes including recovery through energy from waste through our Transfrontier Shipment licence.

Red Industries’ new skip waste offloading facility was developed after identifying a need within the market – it expands our waste service for existing customers whilst opening up opportunities to further broaden our client base, particularly within the Midlands and North West regions.  With a central location and good accessibility from surrounding roads and motorway, our skip waste offloading facility is well positioned.

The new offloading facility is now open and taking bookings.

  • Hazardous packaging (EWC 15-01-10)
  • Hazardous absorbents (EWC 15-02-02)
  • Partially stabilised waste (EWC 19-03-04)
  • Hazardous construction waste (EWC 17-09-03)
  • Hazardous filter cake (EWC 19-12-11)
  • Sludges (EWC 19-02-05, 19-1-05, 13-05-02)
  • And more…

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