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Vacuumation Technology

We continually invest in our vacuumation technology - supplying high level cleaning, liquid ring tankers for heavy sludge removal, and dry vacuumation for uplifting dusty materials.

High Level Cleaning

Whatever the project, be it heavy sludge removal, powder spillages or silo cleaning, we can offer a comprehensive range of fully managed services to solve the problem.  Our personnel are fully trained and experienced in the use of access equipment for the cleaning of all high level areas, including wet and dry vacuuming technology or damp wiping.

Liquid Ring Tankers - Heavy Sludge Removal

We can provide Vacuumation units with high performance liquid ring vacuum pumps; ideal for uplifting liquids and heavy sludge materials across large distances.  Our liquid ring tankers are extremely efficient at dealing with heavier and more difficult materials, but operate equally well on more straight forward tasks such as cleaning interceptors, bund areas and oil tanks.

Dry Vacuumation - High Airflow Equipment

This method is ideal for uplifting and handling dry dusty materials including carbons, cement, sands, gravel and perlite, which can be recovered from almost any situation including carbon filter vessels, hoppers, pits, silos, tankers or loose on the ground.

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