The world’s first programme to tackle plastic waste

WRAP’s UK Plastics Pact Roadmap to 2025 was published on 15th November.  This is the world’s first programme to tackle the issue of plastic waste through collaboration across the entire supply chain.  The UK Plastics Pact is a testbed for a network of country-specific Plastics Pacts across the world.

The 68 member businesses are responsible for 80% of the plastic packaging sold through UK supermarkets.  The UK Plastics Pact Roadmap provides a framework for businesses, including the 68 members, to deliver the defined four targets and the  key activities that could be taken to achieve them.

The UK’s Plastics Pact Targets:

  • Eliminate problematic or unnecessary single-use packaging through redesign, innovation or alternative (reuse) delivery model.
  • 100% of plastics packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable.
  • 70% of plastics packaging effectively recycled or composted.
  • 30% average recycled content across all plastic packaging. 

The pact is part of the circular economy model – moving plastics away from a single use, disposal material.  It should help to reduce confusion about whether plastic packaging can be recycled or composted, with the aim that all plastics packaging will be recyclable, reusable, or compostoble by 2025.

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